Oshoshina Gozen “Kenshin Course”

おしょうしな御膳 謙信コース

Bringing the most familiar and dearest Yonezawa to you

“Oshoshina” means “Thank you” in the Yonezawa dialect. “Oshoshina” for coming to Yonezawa. “Oshoshina” for enjoying Yonezawa. With this thankfulness in mind, we have composed the course so that you can enjoy Yonezawa with a familiarity with the word, as well as with the ingredients. We hope that you will also understand the history, traditional vegetables, preserved foods and “Katemono.” You can feel the great climate and skill of the producers in the fresh vegetables, and agricultural and livestock products. No matter the dish, only ingredients unique to Yonezawa are used.
In addition, one of the wonders of Yonezawa is that you will be presented with different ingredients each time. Please enjoy each individual cooks’ originality in the Oshoshina Gozen “Kenshin Course” at the restaurants you visit.

InformationMeals are available by prior booking. Please contact the individual restaurant in advance.

To the birth of the dish

おしょうしな御膳 試作中
Development and tasting process of the menu items

From “this and that”
--ingredients we are proud of

“The best part of travel is tasting the food of the area”The cooks in Yonezawa gathered and shared their recipes and ideas: “What type of food do we want to entertain our guests with?”We invited specialists who are active in various fields in the cooking world, and held a tasting party.
They gave their opinions in detail on things such as seasoning, portion size, and women’s point of view, and then repeated the trial of the dishes. The “Kenshin Course” was then finally finished. There are plenty of other delicious ingredients that we have yet to introduce, but one of the best qualities of Yonezawa is that you can visit many times and enjoy different dishes depending on the season and the cook. All eyes will soon be on Japan, where the Olympic Games and the World Expo will be held.We hope to demonstrate the wonder of Yonezawa through the food culture.

おしょうしな御膳 謙信コース

Oshoshina Gozen “Kenshin Course”

Charges vary by restaurant.
For more information, please contact the individual restaurant.

5,000yen (tax included)~

Boost the Oshoshina Gozen! We are waiting with items that are uniquely Yonezawa.

  • Place mats and bamboo toothpicks cases

    4 place mats with designs of landscapes and sightseeing spots in Yonezawa on the theme of the four seasons, with Yonezawa Ori (Yonazawa Weave). 8 bamboo toothpick cases with designs of historic sites and patterns of ingredients in seasonal colors. In addition to tasting the food of Yonezawa, your trip will be more fulfilling by enjoying the history and taking in the sights of Yonezawa. You can take these items home as a souvenir.

  • Hashioki (Chopsticks rest)

    Yonezawa Yaki (Yonezawa Pottery) Narushima Gama (Narushima Kiln) These chopsticks rests were especially produced for Oshoshina Gozen at Yonezawa Yaki Narushima Gama. There are 3 designs; “Yonezawa beef,” “Touyama turnip,” and “Cat and Carp,” each with a pattern of ingredients unique to Yonezawa. We hope you will take interest in and enjoy the charming, lovely, and tasteful ingredients that make the theme of Yonezawa cuisine.

Membership conditions・Standard of items

Oshoshina Gozen “Kenshin Course”is served with the following standard.

1. Conditions for membership (all the following items must be met)
(1) Must be a restaurant (or an inn) operating in Yonezawa City.
(2)(The company) Must be a member of Yonezawa Tourism Convention Association (hereafter referred to as “Association”).

2. Standards of provided menu
(1) The name of the provided menu will be “Oshoshina Gozen” Kenshin Course (hereafter referred to as “Kenshin Course”).
(2) The Kenshin course is the name of the high-priced menu. (price from 5,000 yen).
(3) As a general rule, the menu should consist of 6 or more items including appetizers, main dishes and desserts, etc.
(4) Must use Yonezawa's agricultural and livestock products (Yonezawa's taste ABC, Yonezawa City’s traditional vegetables, etc.) in at least one dish. However, if a traditional (cultural) food of Yonezwa City is included as a dish, the use of Yonezawa's agricultural, livestock and fishery products is not required.
* Specific examples are as follows.
① The ingredient itself is harvested in Yonezawa:
Yonezawa beef steak, Yonezawa sweet boiled carp, Yonezawa Yukina vegetable Fusube pickles, etc.
② A dish containing Yonezawa's agricultural, livestock and fishery products:
Miso Soup made of Azumayama slim bamboo, Yonezawa carp carpaccio, Stir-fried pork with Onogawa bean sprouts, Wagyu beef with yukina, Unagi bowl dish with Yonezawa Tsuyahime rice, etc.
③ Yonezawa's traditional (cultural) food
Salted salmon sushi, Hyou mixed in spicy soy sauce, etc.

Those who wish to enroll as a member store, please contact the council bureau.