Get to know the history of Yonezawa and traditional crafts

Get to know the history of Yonezawa and traditional crafts

Experice the traditional craft of "Yonezawa Textiles."
To save Yonezawa in a time of finacial crisis Uesugi Yozan, the 9th lord of Yonezawa domain, devised Yonezawa's textile industry as one of the industrial development policies. He encouraged the wives of samurai to learn how to weave as their side jobs, and this weaving industry is said to have developed into the silk textile industry.
For 250 years up to now, kimono, women's clothes, hakama skirts, stoles, and other small products have been passed down.
This tour offers you a safflower dyeing experience: a workshop of "Yonezawa textiles" which has continued since the Edo period.
Early summer is the best season for safflowers. You can even pick the safflowers, a special experience for a limited time only.
Rice paddy art, where people plant rice of various types and colors to create images in a paddy field, is also a must-see.

Recommended Route

June to July
Tour Duration
2 days (1 night and 2 days)

Day 1

  • Michi no Eki Yonezawa/Yonezawa Station

    Meet at 1:15 PM Leave at 1:30 PM

  • Yozando

    Yonezawa textile workshop

  • Viewing Onogawa rice paddy art

  • Onogawa Onsen

    Arrival time 4:00 PM

Day 2

  • Onogawa Onsen

    Leave at 10:00

  • Safflower picking experience

  • Senshoku Koubo Waku-waku Kan

    Safflower dyeing Experience

  • Tamano Kakurega


  • Uesugi Shrine/Uesugi Museum

  • Tōkō Sake Warehouse

    Explore the Sake Warehouse

  • Michi no Eki Yonezawa/Yonezawa Station

    Leave at 3:30 PM

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