Family set

お土産 家族向けセット

ABC of Yonezawa

The taste of Yonezawa is represented by “ABC.” We’ve created a family-oriented set so that everyone can take interest in the flavors of Yonezawa.
A is for Apple. Yamagata Prefecture is an apple-producing area, and above all, Yonezawa has the longest history of apple cultivation. Kougyoku Apple, with both sweet and sour tastes, makes a perfect ingredient for processed foods.
B is for Beef. Yonezawa beef, which has been matured in Yonezawa’s harsh and rich natural environment, is a meat with fine marbling that melts gently in your mouth. It is also known as one of Japan’s three major Wagyu (Japanese beef).
C is for Carp. Yonezawa Goi started via the recommendation of aquaculture by Uesugi Youzan. It is brought up in this area’s abundant waters and has no muddy smell. It has a local taste that is essential to celebrations such as Obon, New Year, weddings, and other felicitous occasions. In addition, we've added Tama Konnyaku, Pickled vegetables, Ramen noodles and other ingredients unique to Yonezawa. We hope you enjoy the food of Yonezawa on the dining table and are excited by the topic of Yonezawa. * One box serves 2-3 people.

The Path to the Creation of this Souvenir

お土産 試作中
Souvenir Development Meeting

Full of "This is Yonezawa"

When looking for souvenirs using the ABC of Yonezawa,
we thought “we would like you to have fun with your family.” We felt the depth of the local customs in the various souvenirs. So, we re-created them as something that was easy to consume and understand for people of all ages. We have also added the pickles of eggplants that have been selectively bred in Yonezawa, as well as popular ramen, soy sauce known as a versatile seasoning, and miso soup that can be enjoyed by anyone. Carp that can be eaten down to the bones and has a high nutritional value is also recommended for health-conscious people. We hope you will enjoy the taste of Yonezawa at home through Yonezawa’s ABC.

お土産 家族向けセット

Family set

This is a set with which families can enjoy the taste of Yonezawa.

5,800yen (tax included)

Set contents

  • Yonezawa beef Salami
  • Freeze-dried miso soup (Beef, Nameko, Koushiro chrysanthemum)
  • Umaitare
  • “Bontenmaru Kasuzuke”-Small eggplants pickled with salt-flavored Koji
  • Seasoned Tama Konyaku
  • Koi no Amani Yawarakajitate (Sweet and soft boiled carp)
  • Tateyama Apple Tree (Galette)
  • Tsuyahime 2 go (360 ml)(2 packs)
  • Yonezawa Ramen (2 servings)
  • Carp Bone Bone

Souvenir shops

  • Road Station Yonezawa

    1039-1 Kawai, Yonezawa City, Yamagata
  • Restaurant and souvenir store Uesugi Joushien

    9:00-18:00 (December-March 17:30)
    1-1-22, Marunouchi, Yonezawa City, Yamagata
  • Okitama Regional Tourist Information Center ASK

    1-1-43, Inside Yonezawa Station, Ekimae, Yonezawa City, Yamagata
  • Yonezawa Tourism Convention Association

    1-4-13 Marunouchi, Yonezawa City, Yamagata